LWIR mapping of gold-bearing quartz veins, Altai Mountains, Mongolia

Desktop studies reveal strong prospectivity for gold in the Tian Shan orogenic belt of Central Asia. But, most nations covering this terrain are difficult jurisdictionally, including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The Altai Mountains of SW Mongolia are are a more-workable area, but extremely remote, unpopulated, and under-studied, making targeting and field confirmation time-consuming, expensive and difficult logistically.

LWIR targeting for copper-gold porphyries under vegetation, Colombia

Colombia is one of the world’s most prospective nations for porphyry copper-gold deposits, located at the under-explored northern end of the prolific Andean mineral belt. But unlike nations such as Chile, Argentina and Peru, the Colombian Andes are heavily vegetated due to the country’s tropical climate. This makes geologic prospecting difficult due to a lack of surface exposure, and impedes traditional short wave satellite surveys for mineral exploration.